In preparation for a professional athletic competition, coaches devise a strategy and precise tactics to form a game plan.  They do this to reach their goal in a single, finite contest to win.

Win enough competitions in a season and all will probably keep their jobs for another game or even a next season.

After forming their game plan, each member of the coaching staff will present this game plan to their group of players.  The prescribed knowledge is passed forward, but this is not where you win a contest.

After sharing the knowledge of the plan, the teams go to the practice field to train, integrating the strategies and tactics into their preparation.  This is not where you win a contest either.

And then it’s game time.  This is where you win a contest.  You win with the discipline to execute together as a team.  Discipline wins contests.

Translate these reflections to your work.  You have a position.  You have a strategy and tactics to reach your defined results.  Knowledge is shared with you for that position. You are trained and practiced in that position.  And then it’s game time, the time for you to perform your work in an infinite world of complex relationships.  Your field is your working environment.  Are you disciplined enough as a team to win?

Discipline is a key to your success.

“To me, discipline in football occurs on the field, not off it.”  —  John Madden  —


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