You will either develop and sustain a habit of continuous learning or you won’t.  For most of us, the baseline of formal, institutional learning is in the past.  Time isn’t the issue, we all waste unproductive time on other “priorities.”  A lack of learning resources shouldn’t be an issue, there are resources everywhere.  If you’re really just that busy and that short of resources, just ask the smartest people that you know some very good questions and have a dialogue with them.  Even stop for a just a few minutes to really observe and take in what is going on around you.

Direct your learning habit toward your purpose and your meaningful work.  You self-initiate the focus of the content you wish to learn from, reflect upon and apply.  No one does this for us.

Focus on content/context that addresses what you don’t know, but you may need to know for organizational success.  Content that addresses your weaknesses or blind spots, but you’ll have to be honest with yourself to declare those.  You’ll have to get out of your own way (ego) to sustain a deep curiosity to direct your learning for being better with others.

“Look for people who have lots of great questions. Smart people are the ones who ask the most thoughtful questions, as opposed to thinking they have all the answers. Great questions are a much better indicator of future success than great answers.”  —  Ray Dalio  —


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