To Learn

Learn everything that you can to reach your purpose.  Define the purpose, set your strategy and learn your way to being better.  Seems simple, but continuing to learn and to be better in work and in life is not.

Without a commitment to a clear purpose and an active strategy to achieve, any random decision here or there will do.  The easy decision to not engage each and every time leads to harder to attain outcomes.  The hard decision/commitment to excel with continued learning leads to easier to attain outcomes of excellence.

Read to learn every day?  I don’t really have the time.

Workout today?  It’s too cold.

Struggling manager?  Too much drama for me on a Monday.

Missed production target?  My team sucked.

Without a meaningful commitment, we are left to making random choices in no clear direction.  Fear of failure and hesitancy to address the barriers settle in.

We will never be anywhere near perfect, but you will be better with a committed purpose and a discipline to continue learning.  Excellence rarely comes from random decisions.  Commit to learn and apply what you learn for being better.

Be committed. Be coachable. Learn and apply what you learn.

A quote today to honor an incredibly committed learner, Kobe Bryant:  “The story  continues.  If you fail on Monday, you have Tuesday to try again. The only way to fail is to stop and to not learn.  So, if you learned from the failure and go on to grow and improve your game, it wasn’t a failure.”    —  Kobe Bryant  —


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