Learning Is A Process

Learning is a process, not a moment in time where you would read a sentence, a blog or a chapter in a book and the words alone magically transcend your depth and level of mastery.

To gain a mastery of learning, you reflect with what you are learning and activate this new cognition into application.  From the activation and learned experience, you can then continue learning and improving in cycles of purposeful attainment of knowledge and experiences.  This can lead to creating a greater impact through what you are learning.  Learning is an applied process.

So, what you are learning must be applied in your lived experiences for you to take it in and to continuously learn.  Learning can’t be rushed, but it must remain a priority for you.  In our rushed society of today, your greatest ambitions won’t be attained by “Googling it.”  Continuous learning requires lived experience cycles.

Too many people repeat the same months and even years of experience without learning to be better.  People behave as if they merely have a job, not a profession or a craft.  They never set aside purposeful time for curiosity, training, and the habitual practice to move from an amateur into a professional learner.  Learning requires habitual practice.

One of the greatest personal and professional attributes you can have is to live with a passionate curiosity for creating greater and more meaningful impact.  Know that learning takes time.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”  —  Earl Nightingale  —

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