Willing to Learn

We all realize that exercising five to seven times per week for 20 -30 minutes greatly enhances your life in many ways.  It’s not really that difficult to form an exercise practice for yourself and to get started.  It’s a little more difficult to keep at it consistently over time, but still quite doable for yourself.

Now let’s take the example of forming an individual practice of exercise for ourselves, but now apply the exercise practice with a group of ten people at work.  This starts with your idea and your motivation for all to do the same and to capture the benefits of an exercise practice to improve your team.  Moving a group is an exponentially larger task.

As a coach, I’ve found that with an identified challenge to move a group to be better and in turn, to add value into an organization to be very compelling.  Coaching and being coachable while working within a group to learn to be better as individuals and as a group is a much greater cause than doing something myself.  If the challenge is greater, the outcomes and the results are generally greater and more impactful as well.

A collective group of coachable professionals that is aligned to a specific purpose, strategy and specified practice to attain those goals is virtually unstoppable.  This is what championship level teams and organizations become capable of and then realize.  All of this starts with the individual attribute of each being coachable.

To be coachable is the first learning and leading attribute I recommend to all of you looking to be better while being engaged with a cause greater than just yourself.  From this attribute alone, you can improve in all others that are strengths or weaknesses.

Are you coachable as a contributor and benefactor of a greater cause?

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.  If you are willing to learn, no one can stop you.”   —  Zig Ziglar  —


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