Takes too long?

Today you want to motivate and define a better direction for a group of people.  You feel that if you can move the group to learn and then apply your insight, the problem will be solved.  Results will improve immediately following the meeting.

So, what is your plan for communicating this with the group?  What important principle should I remember?  You really need to sell the audience to eventually change the outcomes and simplify your life.  I would suggest the following reference as being a great first principle to shape your learning practice:

“When I get ready to talk to people, I spend two thirds of the time thinking what they want to hear and one third thinking about what I want to say.”  —  Abraham Lincoln  —

To truly know your audience is to be genuine.  You have related well to this point in time and you have prepared in your thoughts for why and how you will relate with each of them within the reality of their work.

To truly comprehend their motivation (and it varies by person) is to be authentic.  Not through authority or manipulation, but rather through helping the person learn in their context and coaching them through the process.

Sounds like this would take too long?  You only have the time to do it poorly by telling the group in an email what to do differently?  Good luck with that.

You are probably too busy to work with the group and the individuals with informed, genuine and authentic applied learning practices because the other disengaging sh*t you threw at them didn’t stick either.

Know your audience and what is their motivation.  Work with each to learn and to apply what they are learning to achieve the level of understanding and success that you set out for.  Spend two thirds of your time thinking and then act with others.  Increased momentum, critical thinking, realized gains and meaningful celebrations of success within the group will follow.  Play to win.


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