Only a Student?

A leader needs a following.  A mentor needs mentees.  A coach needs players.  To be coachable, to be mentored and/or to be led is an invaluable attribute for any of us.  It is nearly impossible to gain a higher level of learning, of reflection, of performance or of mastery without the introduction of connected thoughts from others.  Coaches, leaders and mentors are sought out by ourselves to facilitate our capacity to make a greater impact.  We seek to discover and activate our own applied learning practice.

To be coachable requires that you actively pursue the discovery of something that improves you and the affect or impact that you create in your work.  You do this with passion and with your mind wide open.  You personalize the connectable input that you discover and then you uniquely connect it with your own.  You are so passionate that you won’t be tempted to merely copy what you are told.  You instead want to make it your own through your unique application of the references.

What is your obligation as the person seeking to be coached, led and/or mentored?  It is solely your responsibility to remain passionate, relatable, and to actively grow from the experience.

Every great coach, leader or mentor only wishes to see you grow in your capacity to create a greater impact for yourself and with others from the experience.  This is pursuing excellence and paying it forward for even greater affect.  This is winning by first being coachable.

“One repays a teacher badly if one remains only a pupil.   —  Nietzsche  —


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