If we don’t direct ourselves in our work with what we are learning, applying and contributing to the group at a growing level of excellence, we eventually fool ourselves into believing that we are not responsible.  It’s easier to profess to be controlled, rather than control ourselves and what value we are creating.  Remember: “Easy decisions, hard life.  Hard decisions, easy life.”  —  Jocko Willink  —  

The easy decision is the hard life with no determined course to set your own fate.  Should you let go of your passions, your purpose and the difference you make as a professional.

Organizational forces are very real, they fluctuate and they are maintained to align and administer an organization across a multitude of complexities and contingencies.  None of which are generally set in place to allow one individual or another to relieve themselves of their shared accountability to produce.

The hard decision, easy life question related to your pursuit of excellence is yours to settle.  Assume the organizational conditions to be the reality to start from and work within that reality to be better.  As you grow to be better yourself in pursuit of excellence, you may then contribute to building a better organizational reality.

“If we don’t try too much in life, if we limit our circle of action, we can give ourselves the illusion of control.  The less we attempt, the less the chance of failure.  If we can make it look like we are not really responsible for our fate, for what happens to us in life, then our apparent powerlessness is more palatable.

Continue learning and applying what you are learning for impact, even when it is a hard decision to do so.  It’s your call.


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