The professional golfer, Arnold Palmer, offered a quote that has become a favorite of mine in reference to practice.

“The more I practice, the luckier I get.”  

Each of us needs to take on a great deal of personal responsibility to actively pursue the  wisdom to master a particular skill or set of skills.  Practiced skills, not luck, lead to our capacity to generate greater success and impact.  Greatness requires a disciplined practice.  Luck or chance may favor us at some point, but only through practice do we grow and sustain.

You are the one person in the world that will genuinely be responsible for yourself.  We can “hope” to lose ten pounds or we can accept the responsibility to do so for ourselves by adopting the disciplined practice of doing so.  No one does this for us.

A disciplined practice is to put in place a new sense of order for a process of learning and applying what you are learning.  First own why you need/want to lose ten pounds.  You then prepare yourself by learning to set an intentional course for the changes you will make so that you know how you will get there.  You then apply the intentional course of what you are doing.  You learn on this course of continual learning and application to move from a pattern of chaos into a more controlled order of losing the weight.  Not one course will be the same as another’s, it’s on us to learn the way.

We also know that through a disciplined practice of applied learning that we will start with more success early on.  Those that start with early success will continue on to become even more successful.  At some point in your increasing level of mastery that was attained through your practice of applied learning, we even gain the wisdom not to gain the ten pounds back again.

Seldom lucky, never perfect, but always better to be engaged in a practice of applied learning.


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