Acquiring Knowledge

As I understand it, to deduce something is to reason in the mode of using knowledge.  This would essentially be like reading the material and following directions, much like a cook would do.  You follow the process and put in the work to produce something.

To induce something is to reason in the mode of acquiring knowledge, more like a chef would do.  The chef would begin to design, adapt and add value.  The inductive reasoning chef relates with and learns from those they serve to enhance the recipe.  The more purpose-driven chef seeks out other chefs to learn more deeply from.  More and more knowledge and experience are acquired, leading to a level of mastery.

Coaching a group of athletes is very much the same.  A player first learns the playbook and the fundamentals skills that they will use, much like a cook.  As their learning acquisition advances to the applied level of a chef through practice, the players begin with a play from the playbook, but then are able to cohesively design, adapt and add value to that play in the heat of competition.  The most inductively reasoned teams are coached to learn and apply what they are learning for impact (to win).  Teams limited only to deductive reasoning by merely following the recipe/playbook, are often destined to be defeated.

There is a determinate value to being both deductive and inductive in the mode of learning that you engage in each day to be better, to become a chef.  Beginning with a broad basis of knowledge to use or deduce from, is much better than having no knowledge at all.  To then apply that knowledge in practice is to stretch for an inductive mode of learning where you acquire knowledge as a chef will do to reach the level of a realized impact for yourself and your team.

“You must connect, discover, experience and focus in an inductive pattern to learn and apply what you are learning with others to realize the purposeful impact you seek to generate.”    — Coach McKeever  —   


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