Learning or Coping?

What if everything that we needed to accomplish each day were as complicated as it was the first time that we completed that task?

The first time that I drove a vehicle was exciting, but certainly not representative of the skill level I would want to greatly enhance over time.  I’m fairly confident that I am a good driver from what I have learned over forty years.  I might even say that I would be considered a great driver, when I pay great attention to driving.

The first big presentation that you made in front a larger group was probably exciting as well, but with continued learning and experience we can all become much better over time.  The Psychologist, Albert Bandura, framed this for us quite well:  “Coping with the demands of everyday life would be exceedingly trying if one could arrive at solutions to problems only by actually performing possible options and suffering the consequences.”    —  Albert Bandura  —

Fortunately, we each have a capacity to learn and apply what we are learning to be better at most things.  Often, we are able to self-initiate what specifically we would like to learn so that we become better at it.  In some cases, we passionately dive right into focused learning with visions of being masterful and we work for years to that end.  In other cases, we have only a more passive or temporary focus and we never really make any progress to be better over time.  Some will essentially “retire” from an applied learning practice altogether and settle for where they are currently at.

How do you determine the focus and the intensity of that focus in your practice of applied learning to become better at something?  In the absence of a higher purpose (Why) and a strategy or plan for how and what you will focus your learning on, most anything will do.

In my opinion, far too many people flail in a “nothing new please” comfort zone.  The challenges in life, the ones we could possibly become better at overcoming with an applied learning focus, overcome them.  Life is just too busy to learn and continue applying what they are learning with something that would generate a greater impact for themselves and with others.

I don’t write this message each weekday for decaying minds in their comfort zone.  They’re fine where they are at.  I write to accelerate the curiosity level of investing readers.  I write to share referenced lessons from the most brilliant people I can find and the lessons I am still discovering in my own applied learning practice.

Life’s Purpose:  Learn how to learn to generate a greater impact

Applied (not passive) Learning Practice Focus:

    • Fill an active curiosity gap with knowledge on learning
    • Apply what I am learning, prescriptive to my work
    • Coach others to learn to be better than they can be by themselves
    • Create a ripple effect of learning (this blog as the mechanism)

What is your committed life’s purpose?

What is the focus of your Applied Learning Practice?

Be bold enough to write this down and to share it with another or myself.  Others will relate with and share the value of your purpose and applied learning practice focus.  Greater impact will be generated outward in this ripple effect.


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