Clean and Clear

Overreaction or not enough?

Follow science or trust intuitions?

Public health or economic Health?

Each of us sets a course within a major public health concern for how we will lead our lives as a part of a larger society.  This scenario is new to nearly all generations of the global population, some citing this as a once in a seventy year occurrence.  Governments, large public entities, corporations, small businesses and others are compelled to set a course for larger subsets of the population as well.

There is evidence that the consequences of unrestricted responses are very high, the virus will spread.  There is evidence that the economic costs are tremendous and will grow as time passes.  A vast spray of media coverage and messaging can be very confusing and daunting to process.

Clear your head and think more deeply.  With any decisions that you make, the best of them will be made when fully composed.  I’ll offer this reference as guidance for you as  you adapt in changing conditions to set the best course for yourself with others.

“Whatever you face, whatever you’re doing will require, first and foremost, that you don’t defeat yourself.  That you don’t make it harder by overthinking, by needless doubts, or by second-guessing.” 

“That space between your ears– that’s yours.  You don’t just have to control what goes in, you also have to control what goes on in there.  You have to protect it from yourself, from your own thoughts.  Be the librarian who says “Shhh!” to the rowdy kids, or tells the jerk on his phone to please take it outside.” 

“The mind is an important and sacred place.  Keep it clean and clear.”

—  Ryan Holiday (Stillness is the Key)  —





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