Learning Experience

What will each of us learn from a global pandemic experience?

Those people that become ill or personally know of others that become ill will learn a great deal from this experience.  Their actions going forward will be forever changed.

Those that lose a friend or a loved one as a result of the virus will learn a great deal from that experience and grieve in it as well.  Their actions and emotions going forward will be forever changed at a heightened level.

Those that remain healthy themselves, but maintained a sense of concern with others as a member of a community, will learn from this experience as well.  Their actions going forward may change for a time, but some will likely revert to old habits rather quickly.

Those that failed to experience life any differently, making no adjustments to any degree  whatsoever as a member of a larger community, will have learned little to nothing.  Their actions will not change going forward, their old habits were fine.

We all still have experiences ahead of us to learn from and apply through this crisis.  What will we learn from this experience in the end?  What will we do as a member of a community and as a global society to not experience this again?

Formal societal structures will work to provide guidance, resolutions, legislation, medical enhancements and much more for all to follow ahead of the next public health crisis.   This is their purpose.  Then, each individual will again decide what it is they will do about it.  Each individual learns mostly from their own experiences.

“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.”   —  Randy Pausch  —

What will you learn and apply from your experiences?


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