I wish…

I wish I was better at this.  I hope we make revenue targets next month.  I want to lose five pounds this week.  Good luck with those intentions.  Intentions and ideas, absent a determined process, generally lead to nowhere.  You can only learn your way to success, moving from an intuition to a realized impact.

Noteworthy improvement/progress toward a goal involves a process.  Actions are determined, decisions are made and directions are set and reset to advance you toward where you want or need to go.  You must learn and apply what you are learning as you move toward the goal.

The work that you conduct and the lessons that you learn happen organically throughout the process.  Contradictions and set-backs occur.  Many quit in the early phases with only soft wishes as their only motivation.  Tolerating and applying the lessons learned in each piece of progress is difficult.

To make the greatest difference in your efforts, set and evolve within a disciplined process of applied learning for impact in interactions with others.  This is how you will work toward and learn beyond the contradictions to realize success, not wishing for it.

“Insights rarely occur fully baked, the creative process is often nonlinear with many detours along the way that inform the final product.”   —  Scott Barry Kaufman  —  

You will either learn your way forward, or not.  Your call.  No one else’s fault.



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