Be Still

In this heightened period of a public health crisis, individuals and the masses of society are searching for how to react next.  It’s as if we are each about to take a rushed exam with no identified material to study from.  Emotions can push us to identify with an early  matching and biased opinion from an “expert” as the materials to study from, but no expert has yet to see the exam either.

So it would appear here again that to pass this exam as individuals and as a society, rational thinking and not emotions should be our guide.  Remember, there is no immediate date and time set for each of us to take this exam.  For now, be still and show restraint.  This is how we will be most rational to attain the outcomes we desire.

Rational materials available to study will appear more obvious as we continue learning and applying what we are learning as the focus.  It is not time to be reactive as an individual, a leader or as a follower.  We have time to be rational.  The exam can wait, you’re still learning.

For now, there is sound individual and societal guidance for us to follow on the present course.  From an applied learning perspective, it’s being determined to be rational thinking to keep social distance from others, avoid large groups, wear protective gear as necessary, wash our hands, etc.  These rational principles appear to be the immediate guidance we need.  We should rationally evaluate any additional guidance with restraint as it is presented and we will move ideally move forward without emotion.  We certainly have time to be rational here.

“Very few go astray who comport themselves with restraint.   —  Confucius  —

Stay safe, continue learning and apply what you learn.


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