Back to Work

Will it be life and business as usual when the disruption of a pandemic is over?  Many of our habits and preferences have been altered and manipulated to adapt to the principle actions to remain safe and healthy.  Assuming the “all-clear” is signaled  one day across society, what renewal or innovation will you pursue to be better?

Flexibility is essential for continuous renewal.  A series of change has been forced upon individuals requiring adaptive technologies that allowed them to work from home.  In these flexed environments, more people were introduced to a productivity economy, rather than logging in for set hours at a set desk for hundreds of people in one building as the traditional economy.  This is an opportunity for renewal.

In the absence of visiting in person, people reach out beyond texting and actually “talk” on the phone again.  Some even with video capabilities to physically see one another and more personally relate in these contacts.  This is an opportunity for renewal.

The many traditions of High School Seniors making their way to graduation have been missed.  No Prom, no skip day, no team sports and no complaints from teachers hoping the end of the year would come quickly so the Seniors could just move on.  This is an opportunity for renewal.

There are a hundred opportunities for renewal in your life going forward if you will only look for them.  You own the disruptive capacity to choose to change course here with what you have learned thus far in this experience.  Don’t focus just on limitations, but rather balance this with intelligent growth.

Because it is different, hasn’t inherently made the changes bad.  Change and disruption were forced upon us, don’t resist this very rational opportunity to renew yourself to be better.  Powerful forces will want things to go back to normal, but do you?  Manage with renewal in mind, there are now affordable changes to be made that will promote your continual learning from this experience.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”   —  Albert Einstein  —


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