In probability, most of us are spending more time with those closest to us than usual.  In work from home scenarios and virtual classrooms for students, additional time is spent together.  What would make this time be of a higher quality?  Try recognition.

To frame recognition as being a canned program where one employee or one student of the month is recognized is a farce.  Once a month is not to a scale that would represent quality recognition.  Your best employee or student would generally win each month if it were fair and objective.  That isn’t genuine recognition.  People grow cynical as the objective criteria is often bent to accommodate everyone so they to can be given a trophy or a gift card.

The schedule or pace of recognition that you share with others should be personal to you and the other person.  It’s frequency should be much greater to instill a quality that you and they would be seeking.  Would it be that difficult for you to recognize something that another did for you more than once a day?

The more personal the appreciative comments, the higher level of relational quality these comments promote.  The more genuine and descriptive, the higher level of quality as well.  The best recognition statements are authentic, individualized and personal to just you and that one other person.

Genuinely recognize another person close to you in your “closed” home environment today.  There is great power in the recognition of others for both the receiver and the giver.  Learn again how that feels and apply what you have learned.

Some of the recognition statements you offer may positively permeate the actions of others for a lifetime.  Think back for a minute and most of us can remember an occasion  from many years ago where we were recognized by someone important to us and it has stuck.  Learn to be that person for others.

“Recognition is not a scarce resource. You can’t use it up or run out of it.”  — Susan M.  Heathfield  —


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