Follow Who?

With blame and accusation still being cast by others for the situations we find ourselves in, withdraw again from the many factions to focus on reality.  Very little of the personal interest agendas to be right, versus do the right things, will offer you any rational insight into your focused purpose to move out of a crisis.

Look only for rational insights and indicators, especially when there is a great deal of unknown.  There is time to weed out the opinions of promoters and persuaders to become informed.  Look to be a part of a reality focused culture that will pull themselves and eventually others upward.

The group you are looking to be a contributor with focuses solely on the following:

  • getting things done with an emphasis on the work itself
  • making things they need, getting the most from it’s resources
  • solving real problems and adapting to inevitable change

The real enemy to the rationally focused group culture that will move the others upward is not the crisis itself.  The real enemy will be the dysfunctional groups assembled and influenced to follow self-promoters down dissenting paths.

Pursue to create, discover, experience and focus on learning with the reality group.

“When you argue with reality, you lose — but only 100% of the time.”   —  Byron Katie  —




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