Just another day?  Bored with quarantine routines?

Don’t misuse these opportunities.

Seth Godin offered a timely and meaningful message this morning that immediately resonated with me and I had to share:

“Bored is the thing that happens before you choose to entertain yourself.  Bored is what empty space feels like, and you can use that empty space to go do something important.  Bored means that you’re paying attention (no one is bored when they’re asleep.)”

Life and work remains to be all about the mindset and the proactive discipline that you have as you approach the present.  Time is yours to determine how it will be used.

Fill the empty space with one new thing you will learn each day.  Enjoy and benefit from the empty space to engage to build upon a positive lifetime habit.  Express gratitude for another in some fashion.  Go for a 15 minute walk each day while looking to observe something again different for the very first time.

Boredom is your opportunity to resolve.

“This is a wonderful day.  I’ve never seen this one before.”    —  Maya Angelou  —


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