Words and/or Actions

We each have a unique moral compass that guides us in our decisions and actions.  Some more deeply held than others.  Some, at the hint of a challenge, portray themselves with having highly principled values that they fight for in words, yet they fail to demonstrate exactly those principles by their own example.

Where do you stand with your moral compass?  Words and/or actions?

As a leader, you are observed in your words and in your actions.  People will only follow  what you are saying for so long, they eventually will only come to believe your actions.

Not a big deal in the scope of adversities that are present, but an example nonetheless occurred yesterday.  Words and actions did not match when an elected governmental official visited a prominent healthcare facility.  It appeared and was conveyed that only one person in the facility chose not to wear a mask during this visit despite a clear policy for all to do so.  That one unmasked person happens to lead the federal effort to advise the country on the Pandemic.  Conflicting words and actions.

You are left to believe what of this leader going forward from this demonstrated example?  It’s up to you to believe what you will of this example.  Know also that it is up to others to observe you in your words of strongly held positions and your ensuing actions in relation to that position.

Be conscientious in offering words for what you strongly believe in.  Be highly principled in your actions that will follow.  Others are watching us.  Even one offset example conditions another’s mindset of us.

“It is always easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.”   —  Alfred Adler  —



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