Learn Your Way

Wait patiently, the obstacles will become easier to navigate through.

Formal structures of governance (Federal, City, State) of all sizes and conditions of yet to be discovered complexities are offering guidance for the individuals within their communities.  Some level of mandated restrictions and/or limitations may be applied to force the adherence of this guidance.  This is natural if the featured societal goal is for the greater good of all.

Formal structures of organizations/businesses are at the same time called upon to offer guidance as well to those in their groups for sustainability.  They also face widely variant conditions as they balance in some fashion the economic realities of an organization and the challenge of sustaining public health for all.

These two formal structures, government and business, are also interacting together in within numerous processes to supply resources and additional guidance for use of those resources to overcome one another’s presupposed obstacles.

Acting in formal structures to protect the greater good of society is critical, but it’s also important to realize that success will only be attained one single person at a time.  Individuals will set their own course among the many forms of guidance and resources.  Learning and iterative application of that learning only happens one person at a time.

Most individuals will navigate quite well amid these many obstacles in support of themselves, their organizations and societies at large for the greater good.  Others will lag behind, but find their way.  Still others will falter and set themselves and possibly even the groups backward as a result of their actions.

Be patient to learn your way and strive to also support the success of others.

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”   —  John Quincy Adams  —


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