Humility Required

To be uncertain requires a sense of humility.  An admittance that we just don’t know the answers or can’t yet even precisely define the problem(s) to be solved.  First-event challenges in life and in business test an individuals character.  It’s been fascinating to observe how individuals behave so differently in these challenges and how overtly this displays their true character.

Some individuals step out front pretending to know the decisions to be made, peddling a broad variety of irrational opinions with no sign of personal humility.

Other individuals flail in public panic, drawing attention to themselves with a hope that others will be tempted to follow them into a deeper uncertainty.

Some individuals pay no attention at all to the challenges, ignoring the realities they are faced with.

The most impressive of all individuals for me to have observed are those that relate with a contagious calmness as they investigate and learn their way.  Humility is conveyed in their sparing words and demonstrated quietly in their actions.  They admit to uncertainty.  I get the sense from these people that their investigation of challenges will never end as they continue to gather wisdom in successful navigation along the way.

“Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty.”   —  Tacitus  —



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