Keep Balance

I happen to have a strong genetic disposition to never stop moving or at least thinking through what I am doing now and what I will be doing next.  This tendency runs quite deeply in my family tree.  My Father-In-Law happened to be much the same as well.  To do otherwise for me would be the same as endlessly idling at a stop sign when there is no traffic anywhere near you.  Just drive onward, what might we be waiting for?

In my experience, the most rational and productive thoughts and actions involve continuously and thoughtfully moving onward.  The mind is much more open to learning and evolving when engaged in a task, or on a walk or when absorbing purposefully sought after materials/ideas to advance my comprehension with the direction I am moving toward.      

We largely learn our way towards a goal and a level of mastery for a particular skill by doing, certainly not just idling in place.  There needs to be a reasoned balance in your life and in your work or you may/will drive others away, but balance is for me is still best attained when moving.

We each have a decision to make in due time with regards to moving past the stop sign of a global health crisis.  Will you just sit in idle at the sign or even stow the vehicle away in the garage and wait for more of the unknown to be deciphered?  Or, will you thoughtfully and continuously keep moving in a productive and safe manner?

It suits us best to move onward safely.

“Life is like a bicycle.  To keep balance, you must keep moving.”   —  Albert Einstein  —     


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