All Talk

It is so much easier to talk eloquently of doing things rather than actually getting them done and done well.  Why is it that people focus so heavily only on what people say and promise rather than on what they actually do to eventually produce something?

There is little determinate value created when merely speaking of a promising opinion about what to do.

Don’t just talk sh*t, do it.  Create an intentional and shared value in your work and then I should be impressed.

Recognize people a great deal more for what they actually do.  Knowledge and comprehension are important to have in knowing what to do, but remain worthless until it generates into the work that has been done.

“One of the main barriers to turning knowledge into action is the tendency to treat talking about something as equivalent to actually doing something about it.”   —  Robert Sutton  —

Don’t be fooled.  Talking and doing are no where near equivalent.


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