Finally getting used to the routines of isolation where you have finally found the best ways to arrange your life?  Have you grown comfortable with the limitations?  Sorry, but this early adjustment appears to be just one of many phase in going back to normal.

As society and commerce begins to reopen doors with the opportunities/risks to engage socially as a community, you’ll need to make many choices and adjust through many more phases.

  • Restaurants?
  • Hop on a plane?
  • Back to the office?
  • Off to church?

You’ll find your way, just know that this likely will occur in many stages.  There will be some bouncing back and forth from one phase to another over an extended period of time, but we can each manage that.

It won’t be best for us at some point in the near future to just stay locked comfortably in that first, limiting routine.  Life goes on and we adapt.

Life requires of man spiritual elasticity, so that he may temper his efforts to the chances that are offered.”   —  Viktor Frankl  —

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