Return on Patience

Okay, so society has been fully disrupted for most people around the globe in some fashion or another for quite some time.  This is a very rare and serious occurrence.  What will we do next to stay the course?  When will we get to the other side and what will we gain by getting there?  With patient sacrifice we usually gain something, don’t we?

It’s fascinating (if you care to observe) to watch the surrounding culture, processing one person at a time, to proceed through this crisis.  We have formal guidance and informal guidance.  We have anticipated time frames for the beginning and the end of projected phases of societal re-entry.  We have those that hide in full isolation and others that run free, both wanting others to do so as well.  Tolls of sickness and death are reported each day as a form of education for all others.

Seems to me that this is still a good time to remain patient.  The conditions for attaining success, whatever that may be, are still quite vague.  The consequences are real and the return on patience quotient seems to be fairly sound.

To live out this experience as a success story or a lesson well learned to share with others later on, it appears best to continue your pace of walking, not running with the scissors.  There is time to be patient.

“Trying to understand is like straining through muddy water.  Have the patience to wait!  Be still and allow the mud to settle.



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