Humble and Kind

Do you think of yourself as a pretty well-balanced person in terms of your ego?  Most would say they are quite humble, largely letting others have their own way.  Most would share that they are rarely self-centered and they seldom appear to others as being overconfident.  We mostly believe that we would never blame something or someone else for our own problems.  But, our ego will get in the way of our success if we don’t manage ourselves.

Legendary professional football coach Bill Walsh offered this reference to clarify the conceptual continuum of the ego:

  • self-confidence becomes arrogance
  • assertiveness becomes obstinacy
  • self-assurance becomes reckless abandon

The balance is the key as we navigate and direct our lives.  Watch over the balance of your own ego, it is only your responsibility.  After all, our ego is the often the cause of our challenges and dilemma’s in life.  Direct your ego and accept your true fate.

“I have observed those who have accomplished the greatest results are those who “keep under the body”; are those who never grow excited or lose self-control, but are always calm, self-possessed, patient, and polite.”   —  Booker T. Washington  —

Humble and kind.



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