So many of the things we used to do, we don’t do any longer.  There is a now a pressing sense of anxiety when doing simple things that were once very normal for us, but conditions have changed amid a pandemic.  Who thought a few months ago that securing groceries and household goods might become a unique learning experience?  Behaving within the unknown produces learning challenges.

A big part of our lifetime of applied learning is to be capable of unlearning.  Habits and patterns of casual and social behaviors will need to be adapted for a total sense of security in the future.  Mask or no mask?  Handshakes and hugs, maybe not?  Attend a football game or concert with 70,000 others, we’ll see.  Jump on a commercial flight, someday?

In this case, unlearning may be slowly (or immediately for some) moving from the rigidity of social distancing to a new pattern or process of thinking.  By unlearning what was recently shared with us as a strict public health practice, we can again learn to acquire a new and acute sense of where and how to comfortably set our course.  Public health remains a key for all as a consideration, as does the personal sense of security you will need to relearn as an individual moving through this disruptive experience.  Don’t freeze, continue learning.

Find your peace by focusing on the learning/unlearning process central to your sense of security for yourself and of course for others.  It’s our path to set and we have time to relearn as we go towards a better normal.  The world is changing and so should we to adapt with wisdom, not disappear because of fear.  Continue learning by being open to unlearning the old toward an evolutionary or better normal.

“I knew I was on the right path when I started feeling peace in situations where I would normally feel tension.”   —  Yung Pueblo  —

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