Common Action?

Most of us are aware of what we do that makes us the happiest, the most successful and the healthiest in our daily lives.  Knowing what to do is a start, actually doing it is the hardest part.

I try to retain and utilize a number of remarkable and simple quotes from Shawn Achor’s research that I work to apply in my life.  One of these quotes typifies this point today: “common sense is not common action.”

Example: I know (common sense) that exercising 30+ minutes each day is the right thing for me, but do I actually exercise (common action) to realize the benefits?  Thus far in 2020, I have maintained at least this one common action each day, with attestation from my I:Watch).

Which common actions will you engage in today to promote and build upon your capacity to have a happy and successful day, week, month, year?  Apply what you have learned and are continuing to learn in your experiences to be better, to be happier and to be healthier.  As Achor also denotes, “Happiness is a work ethic.”

“To be excellent we cannot simply think or feel excellent, we must act excellently.”   —  Aristotle  —



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