Post #500

Today’s post (#500) creates a peak moment of sorts to commemorate a milestone reached with the Applied Learning blog.  With encouragement and guidance from a small group of family and genuine friends, I convinced myself to begin writing each weekday in June of 2018.  My intentional purpose for this writing experience has always been to help others to continue to learn and to apply what they are learning.  Life is better when you set your course through an active practice of learning.

A purposeful course of continuous learning and applying what we are learning throughout our experiences serves to accentuate our capacity to determine our direction and to set a course for what our existence will be and what we will become.  From Viktor Frankl, “Man is capable of changing the world for the better if possible, and of changing himself for the better if necessary.”  The primary concept of this blog is to feature applied learning concepts that promote reasoned choices to change for the better with others.

Early on in this writing experience (11/22/18), I wrote a post on the significance of creating a ripple effect from our actions.  The post referenced the research of Christakis and Fowler where they cited that, “a contagious and supportive action on your part is constantly bouncing off each other where nearly 1,000 people within three degrees of each of us are impacted.”

The number of readers exposed to the Applied Learning blog has grown over time to create a small ripple effect of it’s own.  Someday we’ll reach that 1,000 person mark.  Several of you have shared how a specific reference or learning concept had resonated with you that day to help you to set or reset your direction, generating a greater impact as a result.  One of the greatest compliments occurs for me as a developing writer when several people simultaneously felt that a certain blog was written specifically to help them navigate on that particular day.

A few noteworthy ripple effect measures worth sharing in full appreciation for those loyal and curious followers:

  • Although quite small in numbers outside of the United States, The Applied Learning blog has been read in 17 countries
  • The WordPress domain has now recorded 1,299 total visits and 3,683 posts viewed (this does not include those readers that subscribed to receive daily e-mails)
  • In 2020 (104 posts thus far), both the visitors (544) and posts viewed (1,423) have already surpassed 2019 year-end results from 258 total posts.
  • Since connecting the Applied Learning domain with Linked-In several months back (thanks again to my niece Traci), just those first five connected posts have now been presented to readers in excess of 3,800 times.

Upon reaching this milestone, I will take the opportunity to again thank those that read the blog each day with a curious mind to actively determine their course through applied learning.  This writing experience has been quite humbling at times, but I remain quite passionate that I will continue learning and applying the experience with others.

I am now certain that there exists a subset of avid lifetime learners that will benefit from this experience along with me.  Please take the opportunity to share this format with others that you believe would benefit as well.  Together, the small ripple effect of applied learning will continue to grow.

“Of all the people you know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never leave or lose.  To the question of your life, you are the only answer.”   —  Steven Pressfield  —

Better to have continuously learned along the way in answering those life questions.


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