Theory & Practice

When concerned with societies at large in a pandemic condition, we logically couldn’t have an “anything goes for all” approach.  Mitigation theories for the greater good of all to halt the spread of the virus seem necessary in this reality.  Individuals within these many societies are the relied upon to behave as the theory see’s fit to manage their’s and others health risks.

Theories of any sort will remain debatable because they are as yet unapplied.  Lived experience has to be gathered and learned from to find the way for many and for each one.  As Ryan Holiday has stated, “theories are clean and simple, situations rarely are.”

So what do we do to navigate this application of learning?

What matters most is how we behave in the face of the current situation and then in the next one after we have passed through the first.  The guidance of theory is weighed and each will make their reasoned or unreasoned choices to behave as they see fit.

Some individuals go to large gatherings with or without reasoning, others remain in socially isolation as their reasoned choice.  Some individuals wear masks as required, others loudly profess their right not to.  Remember, situations are rarely clean and simple.  We must learn our way.

Think of the end first and remain focused on the results that matter most to you, navigating with the most reasoned choices.  For most of us, that result is to remain free of a virus.  Set a practice of behaving in the way that will deliver you to your desired results across a multitude of situations, especially as they continue to evolve.  This is the case with all applied learning, where we move from a clean and simple theory to an effective and efficient practice for desired results by behaving and applying what we have learned within complex realities.

“What was said matters less than what was done.”   — Seneca  —



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