Enduring Change

From the serious event of a global public health crisis, each of us can eventually learn to create a better normal for ourselves with others.  We will learn best from the growing experiences of targeted science to build a safer existence for ourselves with known preventive practices, treatments and eventually vaccines. I am a firm believer that from crisis comes growth.

Simultaneously, a tragic event has accentuated yet another crisis.  A next phase of growth from crisis is on the table for individuals, communities and societies to weigh and to grow from with a next progressive step. There is no vaccine from science to eventually resolve this crisis. Growth will only come from learning as individuals. I also believe that change largely occurs one open mind at a time.  Your key is to open your mind to create a better normal for yourself with others here as well.

Start with a dialogue to relate with others having different experiences than yours. Take in the lived experiences of others to promote the necessary growth to be better yourself.  Rumi once wrote, “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”  Contribute what you can as a learned individual to create a better world with others.  Cultural, like organizational change, happens just one open mind at a time. First, open yours.

We still have so much to learn.

“Real change, enduring change happens only one step at a time.”   —  Ruth Bader Ginsberg  — 



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