It Should Be…

It should be better, but the middle of the growth curve for progress in equality have largely lain still.  A majority holds onto what they individually know and experience in their lives.  Sasha Dichter featured a Dr. Martin Luther King message in his writing this morning that I wanted to share for it’s learning perspective:

“Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering that outright reaction.”  — MLK  — 

Seeking mostly to look inward only at ourselves in the absence of conflict is what I believe Dr. King might have been defining as lukewarm acceptance.  There is a catalyst now for each of us to change individually and together.  A movement that will draw more of us to learn from and to actively engage with, unless we remain centered upon only ourselves in these matters.

The large middle of the Bell curve has the collective ability to react for greater progress.  There is the opportunity for you.  Learn to grow, or hold?

“Progress has been the concerted effort not of cynics, but of visionaries and optimists and idealists who deal with the world as it is but who never stop working for the world as it should be.”   —  Condeleeza Rice  —


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