Infallible Omens?

Do you ever find yourself doing the same things in the same manner, yet hold out hope that somehow the outcome might be better?  Do you really want to change or will you rely upon the automatic reactions that simply find you repeating yourself.  In life and in work we can get stuck, even though we want or need to change.

If you don’t make the time and the effort to exercise regularly, your outcome will remain to be some form of out of shape.

If you don’t make the time and the effort to purchase and prepare healthy foods, your outcome will be that of carrying extra weight.

The only real way out of making those automatic reactions that hold you in the rut of unsatisfactory outcomes is to self-initiate a growth mindset for and an opportunity to learn/re-learn necessary habits to do better and to attain better outcomes.

Human nature continuously pull us to repeat again and again what we have done in the past.  What one does, one will do again.  Easier said than done, but we should realize that our fate and our outcomes toward that fate are largely within the control of the actions that you take.

In this disruptive period of time in our societies, it is critical that we each purposefully direct our actions to affect better outcomes with others.  What we used to repetitively do over and over again simply isn’t good enough any longer.  This is the time for us to learn and to apply what we are learning for a greater good.

“A decision, an action, are infallible omens of what we shall do another time, not for any vague, mystic, astrological reason, but because they result from an automatic reaction that will repeat itself.”   —  Cesare Pavese  —




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