The year 2020 is not “the same as it ever was.”  Realities have shifted and people are troubled to find a new way of making their reasoned choices.  Choices to do right for all, to be healthy, to manage economically and to relate with others around you at the same time.

A challenge is that the reasoned choices we are making today are likely based in the realities of the old normal.  As the Buddhist saying goes, don’t believe everything that you think.

What you modeled and formed your reasoned choices to be before these many disruptions has again changed.  It will continue to change.  To stretch for a better normal yourself with others, you will have to continue learning and applying what you are learning.  If more people learn and evolve, this will become a better place for others to experience life.

Some people will hold to the past, even while a majority of others will apply what they are learning into a better way.  Go discover those alternative or newly formed points of reasoning that you will experience in relation with others.  Don’t be hesitant to learn new ways to form your next reasoned choices, realities are shifted and are on the move.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”   —  Albert Einstein  —


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