Do Not…

I have referenced this Mike Tyson quote before, but I feature it again here today as a reminder for when things become difficult:

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Adversity will quickly alter your plans and your actions if you let them in.  One punch or setback can get in your head and you may instantly set off on a different course.

The power of an effective and purposeful plan being well executed more often comes from what you do not do rather than what you do.  Stay the course and do not improvise from your purposeful plan when challenged.  If you truly believe in the clarity of the plan to get you to a result you desire, continue working the plan versus the plan working you.

If it were easy to outperform with excellence and “win,” everyone would already be doing their work that way.  There is only room for a very few at the top and these are the ones that tolerate no deviations, close the loops with what they set off to do and they retain a clear focus on the purpose of their plan to achieve.

“In their beginnings it is we who guide affairs and hold them in our power; but so often once they are set in motion, it is they which guide us and sweep us along.”   —  Montaigne  — 

Vague and altered plans lead you into trouble with even the very first punch.  Set your focus and go after it right through the challenges.  Keep seeing yourself several steps ahead of where you are.



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