Do not stop learning, the world will continue changing.  Inform yourself of the way to proceed through the challenges that you are facing.

Some will read to learn more, but never apply what they are being informed with into their actions.  Little to no progress will be made.

Some will look away and pretend the change doesn’t effect them.  No progress is possible.

Others will read, observe and listen to discover a better way through challenges.  They will apply what they learned in their actions and continue to grow from these on-going lessons.  They will, in the effort of their learning, create opportunities for others around them to learn and apply themselves as well.

Do not leave the education that you willfully seek in the book where you read it or in the air where you heard it.  Take the thoughts into your open mindset and create opportunities to apply them.  You progress to learn and grow through your actions.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”   — Nelson Mandela  —      

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