Balanced Expectations

Perfection rarely happens, yet we continue to set expectations for it.  Misjudged or misinterpreted expectations can often lead to disappointment.  This is true with what we expect of others and what we expect of ourselves.  No two individuals come from the same exact perspective.  Do you expect more of others than you do of yourself?

The distribution of where people place themselves in terms of personal expectations are frequently lower in comparison than what they expect from others.  It is simple to set the bar low for yourself and yet expect others to do more and to be more even when this consistently leads to a mutual disappointment.

Temper expectations for yourself and others to promote success and progress rather than hope for impossible perfection and sure disappointment.  Your ability to balance expectations for yourself and with others is key to your satisfaction.  In nearly every case, things will be harder in ways that we weren’t ready for.  Revise your clarity at each turn.

“Everyone seems to have a clear idea how others should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”   —  Paulo Coelho  —



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