New Eyes

You don’t have to travel to see or to do new things.  Seeing and doing things differently, as if for the first time, stir a sense of creativity.

Many of us are in or around a 120 day time period where our work environments have changed as a result of a pandemic.  “Normal” as we once knew it has passed.  This of course presents an opportunity for us to apply ourselves to learn and evolve into a better normal in our habits.

Some have fallen into similar ruts and pessimistically slip through each day.

Others continue on with an open mind to focus optimistically on seeing things differently each day to discover a better normal.

The past is truly gone.  The future remains uncertain.  Focus on the present to grab the most from this opportunity for a better normal.  The choice is yours of course.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”   —  Marcel Proust  —  

Pause at least once each day to see something or do something as being a brand new experience to learn from.


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