Just Begin

Want to?  Then just begin.

You want to eat better.  You want to read more.  You want to manage your spending.  You want to spend more time with another.  You want to exercise regularly.  You want to outperform work goals.

Wanting or hoping to doesn’t accomplish much.

Learn about how you will begin, but know that only in the application of that learning experience will you truly begin to grow and improve.

If you are stuck at “wanting,” it is likely that your presumed fear of failure or embarrassment is all that is holding you there.  In reality, we will each fail in some fashion as we learn in application to do something more worthwhile and better than we were able to before.

Just begin one thing today that you have only hoped for thus far.

“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more in imagination than in reality.”    —  Seneca  —

No excuses, lead today with applying what you know in actions.


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