What’s Next?

Why are we anxious about the future when we don’t yet know what is next?  How can you decide before a decision can even be made?  Life is generally not that linear.

Post-pandemic doesn’t appear to be anywhere near us yet, but how many of us are still looking to decide our new normal.  There remains to be a great deal of the unknown to be experienced before we get to decide.  So why worry about it?

It suits us best to be patient and to experience to learn from those experiences as we proceed.  We can learn our way through challenges and this sort of transition by being calm.  Observe and listen for what might be next so that you are ready when a decision needs to be made.

In five weeks or so, teachers are being asked to return to the classroom.  What will they decide?  Odds are that the return to school plans for that time being might change before that time even arrives.  Odds are that if there is a return to the classroom, there will be interruptions of some sort.  Be prepared for all of those variable, but the decision point really isn’t here yet for them.

Remaining curious in the present is the only way that you might be ready for what’s next, when of course you learn what “next” really appears to be.

“Chance is always powerful.  Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.”   —  Ovid  — 


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