Persistence to Improve

There hopefully comes a day where everything begins to come together for a business.  The originating ideas have been worked through to find just the right way to be implemented.  The needs of the customers are being met and each is more than happy to tell everyone they know of this great product or service they have discovered.

The idea itself was important to begin with, but the persistence to find the way to win can only come through implementation success.  Only through evolving actions and reactions as assessed through deepened customer relationships will an idea be realized as a business success.

All ideas for a business do not work.  In fact, most of them do not.  Even when they do work, they must be ever evolving to remain loyal with and to customers.  The key is to be persistent with improving, adapting and inventing, not to be persistent with what isn’t working.

Many business ideas may have been working pre-pandemic, but many now are suffering amid the conditions this presents.  Invention, improvement and adaptation are required to sustain the idea further.

Persistence to do it the way it was always done may be futile.  Persistent evolution to meet the newly defined needs of loyal and new customers is necessary.

“Success is not a matter of mastering subtle, sophisticated theory but rather of embracing common sense with uncommon levels of discipline and persistence.   —  Patrick Lencioni  —

Are you currently persistent with improving or persistent with what isn’t working?


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