Looks Like Success?

In the past couple of posts I have referenced a couple of relational tactics that will enhance the probability that we will learn our way from thoughts and ideas to actions.

  • Relate your intent to another and the odds go up that you will act.
  • We want our efforts to be appreciated by others, but we are unable to control their reaction.  Be cautious.

Today, a reference denoting that a new action or task is more difficult for us.  The first time you do something is rarely the time that will be your best performance.  It takes preparation and practice to move toward a level of mastery.

Golfing offers a humbling example.  Seems simple enough to hit a little ball into a little hole with a flag, but it isn’t.  If you want to improve, you must play the game enough to where your active practice produces better and more consistent outcomes. Start by telling another that you want to become good at golf and then begin a long, applied learning practice to do so.  You will look like a fool at times and will start far away from other’s appreciating and admiring your prowess with golf.    

It takes time, persistence, consistency and eternal patience to learn something new and to do it well enough so that others appreciate and acknowledge your skills.  Be prepared to be humbled and move on, it is through “doing” that we progress at the pace of just one hole or outcome at a time.

“Trying and struggling looks like incompetence right up until the moment it looks like success.”   —  Shane Parrish  —


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