One Brain?

Thought you were pretty clear when training a group of people on a new process or were presenting a new strategy to facilitate enhanced performance outcomes?  It seems so obvious to you.  Then, the training ends and the Power Point presentation is stored in the appropriate file while little to no effect is consistently reached toward the desired outcome.

What happened?  As Gilford Pinchot is quoted as stating, “The measurement of organizational intelligence is quite straightforward.  It’s one brain one person.”  When we broadly share intermittent intelligence, others that receive this knowledge will respond or not respond only as individuals.

The differentiator in building an intelligent and responsive culture is the environment that you create and foster well before a new or altered process is required.

  • Information would be shared regularly.
  • Insights and experiences are gathered from all contributors.
  • Key, real time decisions flow to the appropriate levels as a dialogue to set a course.
  • Barriers are approached to be solved along the way.
  • Learning and applying what needs to be learned is orchestrated and organized with individuals (one brain one person).

Generate a learning culture and the work will becomes more effortless and performance excellence is more regularly attained.


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