Still Living

Many plans appear to be on hold with the public health crisis.  No one is certain of the direction to take, so most remain still while continuing to think about what they will eventually do.  Planning has occurred for a multitude of options, but then decisions are deferred or being adapted for the next plan and the one after that.

Who will be right and who will be wrong?  Right or wrong to cancel activities to mitigate risks?  Right or wrong to continue on within the unknown risks?

Time and experience will provide the lessons to be learned.  Each will judge and interpret the lessons learned and determine for themselves what or who was right or wrong.

If we wait in a holding pattern in our lives while we plan for the unplannable, we shouldn’t forget to still live each day engaged with what matters most to us.  We should relate with people that we are closest to.  We should make clear and forward-looking decisions with what is truly within our control.  Stop pivoting as you stand still.  Discover ways to continue progressing forward with your purpose.

“We are always getting ready to live but never living.”   —  Ralph Waldo Emerson  —


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