Go Collect

All of us that live and work with others are sales people.

Simply put, selling is changing an outcome.  An outcome that is influenced from “no” to “maybe” and/or from “maybe” to “yes.”

An elementary school teacher must sell a class of First grade students to focus and to learn each day.

A nurse must sell to convince a patient to accept and follow the best advise that they can offer so that the patient’s condition improves.

A parent must expect and guide their children to follow the general guidelines in a multitude of environments.

Sales and selling are not bad words.  Selling is the process for how we move others to learn, to improve, to discover what they need to be successful and fulfilled themselves.

People dislike selling because it isn’t easy to move other people to believe in what you believe.  There are obstacles in the process of selling.  Selling requires that you change the outcome with them, rather than passively ignoring them or merely telling others what to do or how to do it.

I’ll leave you, the freshly self-recognized sales person, with the clearly defined obstacles to selling.  Accept and continue learning that the art of selling is a part of your lives and your work.

Every sale has five basic obstacles:  No Need; No Money; No Hurry; No Desire; No Trust.   —  Zig Ziglar  —

Go sell and collect the shared outcomes you and others will grow to appreciate and believe in.


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