Why do we stop short of success?  Often the cause is our hesitation before accepting the  challenge to be better.  We create many of the barriers in our own minds.  We stand in our own way and talk ourselves out of something because it might be difficult as we first attempt it.

The hardest actions to complete, the actions that move us through challenges and on to successful outcomes, generally bring the greatest value.

Resistance brings growth in a practice of physical training, the same is true with a practice of mental training.  More resistance, more growth.

Some become exhausted when walking a flight of stairs.  You have two choices:

  1. Take the elevator from that point on because it was hard for you.
  2. Accept the challenge/resistance of the stairs over and over again until they become easy.

Your mindset to avoid the difficult is often the only barrier to learning and achieving more.

“Real success is learning how to get out of your own way.  No one can hurt you or help you more perfectly than you can.”   —  John Hope Bryant  —          

Take the stairs as long as you can.


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