Run The Day

Sometimes we make the days too difficult with an unconscious busyness that simply fills the days and the weeks.

“Standard” meetings fill out the calendar, but is each event really necessary for all that are involved? Does the meeting accomplish what it was originated for?

Emails abound to occupy our time, but are these communications moving us toward our objectives and the end goals?

Data systems need to be fed and this requires time. Are the data being used to make decisions that positively impact and improve the work?

Technology is added to improve the efficiency of the work and this adds expense and time to acclimate. Is the technology making everyone better?

Reevaluate where you are investing your time and how you go about doing so.

Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn

Think today of each activity and each commitment: Is this helping us to be more productive?


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