What will be?

There are a number of challenges that get in the way of our beginning a new initiative to improve results with a team of people. Here, it is important that we remember to start first from knowing precisely where each in the group is at.

There is an engrained reality to why, what, when, who and how things have operated as they will today. Understand that any change you wish to make will find enemies. All people innately seek a routine comfort with which they can perform their work.

In reality, patterns of thoughts and actions of each in the group have been developed and modified over time to get to where you are today. Simply announcing a change of plans and expecting improved results is highly unlikely. A reality has been set.

Change occurs more prominently, broadly and consistently when you engage each individual on the team as an accomplice to reset the change agenda toward the improved result you will together strive to make. This of course is more difficult and complex than sending out a well-prepared Power Point and hoping it takes. But, this is where results improve and sustain in moving from the current reality for each individual into a new reality through a comprehensive change effort.

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” — Khalil Gibran —

Set the stage for each other to be better and all will succeed.


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