Be Mindful

When we have a nagging physical injury, we logically deal with it through some form of recuperation or medical treatment to alleviate the problem it is causing. Makes sense.

When we have a nagging negative thought in our minds, why do we allow this thought to simply lie there unaddressed? Doesn’t make sense.

Whether physical or mental, it is important to deal with what is affecting us negatively. Just as one physical ailment can lead to another if left alone, so can an unaddressed thought affect another and then another.

Be mindful to solve the problems (physical or mental) and move on to control what you are able to control. The negative impression that became stuck in your head was likely created by yourself.

Acknowledge and learn your way to regenerate a better mindset that will lead you toward wellness.

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.” — Rumi —


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